The Creatives: An Interview with Andrea Zeuner

Not only does she design her own eponymous jewelry line, Andrea Zeuner is my go to bench artist when I have large orders to fill and need a second set of trained hands.  A graduate of Pratt in Jewelry and Metalsmithing.   She has also builds and designs for Betsy Johnson, Robert Lee Morris and Kenneth Cole.
And is currently working for a Brooklyn based company called In God We Trust with stores around NYC selling mens' and women's' clothing, jewelry and accessories all completely made locally in-house.  She spends free time in her studio with her cat, Edgar, for company.

What are your predictions for trends in the New Year?

Ive been seeing a lot of girls wearing super teensy thin gold bands,
one on each of the inside three fingers, I think they look pretty
killer. Also, "memory rings" are getting to be a pretty big thing. For
a while, bigger was better, bold pieces were the thing, but I sense a
shift towards daintier, tamed down adornments.

When was the last time you had a fashion epiphany?

You get to see a lot of different people on the subway commute to and
from work, thats one of the great things about living/working in
Brooklyn. While traveling through hipster-nation, everybody's putting
on a fashion show. Its a nice 35 minutes of seeing some really great
fashionable looking people. I frequently have fashion epiphanies by
looking at the people around me, scoping out their newest trends, even
by the ones who chose to go out of the house wearing metallic
astronaut jumpsuits. Welcome to Brooklyn.

What is your favorite High brand, low brand? How do you mix high and low?

For clothes, my favorite high brand is by far Alexander McQueen. As
for low brands, my usual go-to stores are Urban Outfitters,
Anthropologie, Levi and Zara.
I hope to one day be able to afford to put some high brand items in my
wardrobe but for now, they'll just stay on my wish-list.
When it comes to jewelry, I usually wear my own creations, or I'll
wear one of the pieces that my grandmother had left to me. She had a
really great impact on the reason why I became so into jewelry and

What is your go-to uniform for a day of work? The weekend?

When working in a jewelry studio you have to be ready to gain a couple
of acid holes in your shirt, so I don't really wear anything too nice.
 In this winter cold, I'll be seen rocking my levi jeggings, an
oversized comfy sweater, my trusty vintage lace up granny boots, an
urban outfitters cable knit fringe ombre fade scarf and a cozy knit
beanie to top it all off.
As for jewels, I keep it simple with my Superhighway Studs, however
don't leave to go anywhere without my rings, I have at least four
rings on at all times, otherwise I feel naked!

A weekend out of the studio allows me to crack out the nicer pieces
but overall my style is still pretty relaxed. You'd catch me wearing a
fitted striped tank under a slightly oversized denim button down and
some dark skinny jeans, finished off with a vintage long necklace

What is your favorite ILR piece and why?

The Javlin Ring, I'm in love with rings that stretch over multiple
fingers. The Javlin ring is simple yet dramatic.