Layering Your Jewelry

Ilsa Loves Rick designs are intentionally simple so that each piece can be worn on its own or layered for a more dramatic effect. We also designed them to look good with any piece of jewelry in your collection. And since everyone here at ILR loves to collect pretty things (and often wear them all at once), we spend a lot of time thinking about how to layer our wares. We thought you might want to hear a few of our suggestions for getting the mix right (given the fact that rules were made to be broken).

  • layering like pieces whether they be rings or bracelets makes for a more uniform polished look
  • adding a leather bracelet to an arm of gold Bangles, Kisses, and Whispers makes them pop 
  • mix metals (silver and gold) with other materials like silk, cotton, and wood  
  • mix ILR pieces with others in your jewel box - some of the best combinations we've seen blend ILR with fine jewelry of any style
  • marry opposites (thick and thin, light and dark, polished and matte)
  • mix necklaces of varying lengths so that no one sits on top of another