Must See: Reforesting an Homage to Gil Ott at The Painted Bride

"Reforesting: An Homage to Gill Ott is a collaboration between poet Julia Blumenreich and artist Wendy Osterweil.  A multi-layered art installation includes a forest of silk screened "spirit trees", papercuts that conjure light and shadow in a forest environment, a wall of sycamore tree bark, "teaskin" composed of stitched and embroidered tea bag paper and an ethereal boat signifying passage to the next world. Refroesting represents a dialogue bewtween Wendy and Julia, in response to Julia's suite of 16 poems investigating grief and loss.  Gil Ott (1950-2004), a poet with over a dozen published biiks and an community arts activist, is the late husband of Julia."

 At the Painted Bride Art Center through March 17, 2012.  Poetry Event: February 26, 3-4:30 pm.