Studio Tour: Bonnie Levinthal

Last year,  I featured a home tour of Phildaelphia painter Bonnie Levinthal's perfectly appointed and gracious Chestnut Hill home. Tucked away on the third floor is her painting studio, the jewel in the crown if you ask me in a home chock full of jewels. Not only because of its glorious light, but because it reminds you of a European pied a terre, simple, humble, and utterly perfect for the serious work of artists. As a fine art photographer specializing in large scale silver portraits, I have always envied my painter friends toiling away in daylight while I slogged it out in windowless darkness. Ok, the darkroom red light is pretty captivating as is all the running water, but ten hours in a darkroom suspends time, oddly, while ten hours in a painters studio allows the unfolding of light, how it moves through the day, changing color and intensity, its own kind of miracle. Bonnie's work has always been (among other things sensual and psychological) a treatise on light. Light as atmosphere, light as form, light transforming land, and light illuminating the psychological vagaries of the mind. You can see more of Bonnie's work and follow her blog by clicking here.