About a Girl: Rebecca Aranow

Rebecca Aranow is a junior in high school. She has great taste in music, is loyal to the core, and can rock gladiator boots like no one I know.

What gets you excited about the future?

Well, after watching so much Sex and the City I’ve dreamed of having the chance to be that “small girl in the big city”.  I have gone to the same school since kindergarten, I have had the same best friends for most of my life, and I have gone to the same summer camp since I was seven, so I have been in a certain comfort zone for most of my life. ‬But when I start to think about my future, although it is a little scary sometimes for me to not know where I want to end up, it is also exciting to be able to go out into the world without a plan.

Who are your heroes?

When I think about my heroes I think about my grandmothers; the three people who I look up to and aspire to be. My Mommom Marcy, as a mother and housewife, decided to attend law school despite the fact that she had two children to take care of, showing me that anything is possible and nothing can hold you back. My Mommom Cathy was a single mother who not only had to take care of my uncle, but also my father who was a devil child. Through her adult life she jumped from career to career- from radio host, to writer, to designer representative, to photographer, just to name a few- becoming great at her momentary passion before she got bored and moved on to become great at something else. My Mommom Rara is one of the goofiest and happiest people I know and always reminds me to be happy, keep smiling, and take advantage of every second of every day. Her motto, “I love my family”, is simple but emphasizes the importance of a strong family bond,
one which I have with all of my family. My grandmothers have truly shaped me as a person and they are my biggest heroes.

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t see myself as someone who has one style. I tend to dress differently
depending on my mood, and I try to not let myself be defined by one look. Some
days I like to be a little more edgy, whether that means wearing all black with
studded boots or pairing leather pants with a flannel button down. And other
days I dress more boho or casual chic with a simple oversized sweater, jeans and
brown boots. But whatever person I decide to be for the day I always try to dress
simple with just one standout piece while also wearing things that people wouldn’t
typically think to put together as an outfit.