About a Girl...An interview with Laura Conn

Laura is a college freshman, a talented photographer, super grounded and committed to serving people in need.

What gets you excited about the future?

For most of my life I've heard that once you get out of high school the world is open for anything. I don't know if that's true yet, but I'm excited for that possibility.  I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things. 

Who are your heros?

I would definitely say that my parents are my heroes. The two of them balance each other out so well. My mom is truly selfless, and connects with everyone she meets. My dad works so hard everyday; always reminding my sisters and I that hard work pays off. They are my role models and I strive to be a combination of their greatest qualities. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style has always been simple, laid back and classic. Comfort is a necessity for me no matter the occasion.   I tend to wear the same necklace and earrings  everyday, but i love combining different types of gold and colorful bracelets to make it unique.   I also love to add a few trendier and chic items to my collection but still stay true to my understated and more elegant style.