The Creatives: An Interview with Linda La Rosa

I am always impressed by women who move through the world with an effortless cool-chic. Normally I'll spot someone south of 14th street in NY or somewhere along Nob Hill in San Fran. Occasionally, I spot them in Austin or LA. (and of course, practically everywhere in Europe). So imagine my surprise when I met the most stylish gal of all  just down the road at her shop in heart of Bucks County PA.  Linda La Rosa with her cadre of assistants (Tess, Ariel, and Fab whom I'll feature in later Creatives posts) has the best edited shop this side of the Big Apple. Since its inception Shop 65 emerged as the tastemaker boutique for the region, not only because you can find covetable labels and emerging designers, but because Linda is an excellent stylist to boot. In fact, she began her career in fashion as a stylist something that she keeps at the core of all her work whether choosing the next collection, taking a risk on an emerging designer, or helping you find just the perfect silk shift for running around on hot summer days.  I caught up with her a few weeks back.

What do you see trending right now?

I think that we will see 70's style trending in the next few seasons. I don't have anything to back that up, it's just my gut.  It's my fashion intuition.  In particular, I see people taking a piece of 70's influenced clothing or accessories incorporating it into something with more of a care free less structured attitude.

What are your favorite Hi and Low brands? How do you mix them up?

My favorite high brand is Gary Graham. I love that he takes inspiration from my roots of gothic Victorian, edgy, deconstructed elegance.  My favorite low brand is NSF. Nick Freidberg used to be the designer for my old favorite called EVER, casual luxury line developed for people who travel a lot, designed for comfort. Tragically,  they lost their funding.  I mix high and low by always wearing ripped up jeans shorts with a gorgeous silk top.

What is your go to uniform for a day at work?

In the summer you can find me in an easy silk dress, skinny jeans, striking boots. I love to wear t shirt and bespoke blazers, perfectly cut.

Who is your style icon?

Thats easy. Bridget Bardot. She is sexy without trying.

Favorite ILR piece?

The Wrap in Smoke. I wear it everyday.