About A Girl...An interview with Jacqui Lawlor

Jacqui is a high school senior, a major talent as a young artist, and reflexively hopeful.

What gets you excited about the future?

So much about the future excites. Every time I read the travel section of the NY times or browse my favorite site thecoolhunter.net I find endless places where I'd like to travel. Now that I've found something I love and am excited about [art] I'm curious to see where this love takes me- I really have no idea. 

Who are your heros?

Wow heroes- I have so many. But to narrow it down many of my heroes are artists themselves...Maurizio Cattelan, Chuck Close, Paul Simon, Jay-Z, Jhumpa Lahiri, Al Green. The list could really go on, but what I admire about these artists is not just their dedication- that's a given - but the bravery and endurance it takes to pursue what you love - and the beautiful art they make. While reading about painting in a book that looked into the artist studio I came across a great Chuck Close quote: 
"Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work". 
I think that quote stuck with me because as a young artist the reality of the insanely hard work that accompanies art making proves my love for the pursuit every day. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style has changed over time. I have developed an intense distaste for anything trendy. I love sleek, boyish looks especially with a very feminine figure like my own. I also strive for a balance between modest like sophistication with a little bit of sexy. I try to work in a few playful, girls items with sleeker more boyish looks- that I think describes my personal style. I love vintage- who doesn't though? I admire women who incorporate ultra feminine styles with a piece in their outfit that is simple, and unisex. For example Miuccia Prada whom I am obsessed with and especially her known "uniform" of incredibly feminine, sometimes printed skirts paired with a simple- often v-neck, unisex sweater. I love her!