Must See...Faking It: Manipulated Photography

I began my training as a photographer just years before the advent of photoshop when modernism was still king and each deviation from the perfection of a black and white silver gelatin negative had to be meticulously hand rendered. By the early 1990's Photoshop had already began to change design and publishing, and by the end of the decade with the millenium in view, it had radically changed the way photography was practiced.  Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop at The Met through January 27, 2013 pays homages to the decades old penchant for photographic manipulation.  Nearly every type of manipulation we now associate with digital photography was also part of the medium's pre-digital repertoire: smoothing away wrinkles, slimming waistlines, adding people to a scene (or removing them)—even fabricating events that never took place. Read more about the exhibit in a review by Ken Johnson for the New York Times