HomeTour: Christine Edmonds of Trove Decor (part 1 objects)

Christine Edmonds isn't only a partner in Trove Decor (a continually evolving collection of vintage furniture and finds) she is an event coordinator, fashion stylist,  personal shopper, and a florist. I think of her as the kind of person who gives you faith in people again. Generous, smart and a devoted citizen to small town America, there are few initiatives in our little hamlet of Newtown borough in Bucks County, PA that don't have her fingerprints all over them. The first time I met her she had prepared sushi for a park-full of people who had gathered to hear a summer music festival.  Yup, she hand-rolled hundreds of sushi pieces because she thought folks might be hungry. So when I discovered that she organized summer movie night in the park complete with an old time popcorn pushcart, or saved our local hardware store, or is developing fundraising opportunities to help our little theater convert to digital projection, I wasn't surprised. She has the kind of style and design sensibility that feels well curated but not precious or self conscious.  I could spend hours just meandering about her gracious home discovering the most whimsical still life constructions, objet trouve, and covetable art.