About a Girl: An Interview with Claudia Mezey

Claudia is a high school sophomore blessed with a quick wit and serious smarts.  She bakes cupcakes that can make you cry and dances to her own rhythm.

What gets you excited about the future?

Besides finally getting to launch into this crazy beautiful and scary world, I can't wait to travel, meet and befriend very different and interesting people, and find camaraderie with other quirky and self-diagnosed slightly OCD geeks like myself. I am also excited about having my own apartment and decorating it- you know, creating a second home, another safe haven that truly reflects me.

Who are your heroes?

Julia Child, especially since I've become so passionate about baking. No one can match her charisma, chutzpah and confidence. As of late, Simon Yates, too. I turn to the account of his climb in the Andes in '85 (in the documentary Touching the Void based on a book by Joe Simpson) for inspiration. His story is both haunting and uplifting. Some others include: John Green (his characters feel so real) and Lucinda Williams (a country goddess with much to teach). Honestly though, there are so many people I admire.

How would you describe your personal style?

I consider my style very simple- my dream is to have the kind of closet where almost every item can work with every other. No crazy patterns, or bells or whistles. I love neutral long-sleeve tees or v-necks with colorful, heavy & long sweaters, jeans or leggings (Jcrew pixie pant), and ankle boots with men's socks. I usually dress this up with bracelets, small gold hoops, or pearls. I also have a slight obsession with horizontal sailor stripes and oversized button downs (Barefoot Contessa?). I try to go for hip and effortless.