Jewel Box Tour: Alexis Frankel (Renaissance Woman)

Alexis is one of those women every one of us needs to have as a friend. Whip smart, incredibly generous, thoughtful and honest, she will get your back, prop you up, do you a solid, all the while looking the very essence of a modern urban-luxe-sophisticate..  A classicist by training, Alexis spends her days translating ancient Roman texts and tutoring students of all ages.  She is also the go-to person when you need to find that special something - a bauble, a bag, the perfect AG jeans, from this season or last.  She is a whiz at locating and sourcing the impossible finds. Were she not a brilliant scholar, she would be a personal shopper with uncanny super powers and style to spare.  Always the best dressed woman in the room, whether it is a Carnegie Hall recital or an afternoon of shopping on Rittenhouse, Alexis, is a style icon in her own right.