Scene From The New Year: Welcome 2012!

I tend to take the new year pretty darned seriously.  Time to take stock, recommit, challenge yourself to do a little more growing...

Over the years, my resolutions have been varied, some big, some little, some life altering.  They have led to travel, art, friends, and experiences that I wouldn't have had, had I not said out loud, and with witnesses, this year I am going to__________.  Call me Pollyanna, but its the reason I chose a career in art over the law, formed a power pop rock band that led to a good run and two well received CDs, the reason I learned to restore and design historic herbaceous gardens, and the reason why Ilsa Loves Rick came to be.  This year, a smaller but equally important resolution.  "Less is More".

Here is wishing all of you the happiest New Year with more things of inspired and less of things that distract and deter.