Must See: Maurizio Cattelan at The Guggenheim

Sometime in early 2000 I saw an exhibit of Italian sculptor, Maurizio Cattelan at the ICA in Chicago. It remains one of the most important exhibits I have ever seen, up there with Lucien Freud at LAMOCA, and Christo' s Gates in Central Park. (it may even be the reason why I began working in sculptural art forms, leaving my photography for the commercial realm). So, when Sara came rushing into the studio with news of this exhibit, I wasn't the least bit surprised by how the show made her swoon. In what can only be called a tragic move for the international art world, Cattalan has decided to stop making art (a bold decision given his oeuvres and genius). This last exhibition, poignant, humorous, profound, at The Guggenheim in NYC is an awe inspiring tour de force. If you can't make it to town by January 22 when the show closes, spend some time online viewing videos of this incredible piece- all of his art works suspended from pigeon filled scaffolding that cascades down the ceiling.