Scenes from a London Holiday

Just after Christmas my daughter Claudia and I flew to London for a handful of days to meet up with my husband Paul who has been in grand old Londontown since Thanksgiving working on the post production sound of one of his new movies.  Normally, we aren't lucky enough to have a school break when he is posted somewehere fun and interesting.  I lived in London and Brighton in the late 80's and have been back a number of times but the city felt bigger and brighter than usual this time around (even while raining every single day).  London, dare I say this, feels like the city of the future, leaving my beloved NYC somewhere locked in the very late late 20th century. Their systems have been so modernized, new life has been breathed into previously dodgy neighborhoods (Hackney is the only place left for the new new), the EU has transformed the population of central London (most days I thought I was in Rome or Prague) and the food is gorgeous.  Just gorgeous.  Gone are the steak and kidney pies. In their place, pitch perfect cuisine from all over the world, served fresh, inspired, and with lots of champaigne.

Signage on the Underground that made me laugh so hard!
Baclava and Mint Tea at Sahara's.

Claudia in a projection of an artwork by Tacita dean at the Tate Modern

One of the most compellign phtography exhibitions I have seen in the last decade.

The Brighton Peer, always lovely.

A strange curio from and East London antique dealer.

Laduree Marcons at Covent Garden shop.

We are huge jamie Oliver fans!

Pumpkin and Beet Brichetta with wild boar salami at Jamie's Italian.

A perfect handcrafted saddle bag at Old Spitalfield's market.

Odd Up market bling.

The best potato chips we have ever tasted!

Claudia and Paul hiked to Primrose Hill in Saint John's Wood for the New Year Fireworks spectacle.

Repurposed print forms at Liberty.

An art deco treasure of a facade seen through the tudor windows at Liberty.

Tea Pot lamps!

A charming little Russian Oil painting at Liberty Art Galleries.

High Tea.

A great vintage (circa 1986) bottle.

Claudia reenacting Abbey Road cover art.