Jewel Box Tour: Sara Goodwin (Saint in Training)

Sara is one of those people who you can't help loving, the kind of gal we feel pretty darned lucky to be able to call a friend.  And, lucky too, that she is an Ilsa Loves Rick fan.  Our first and most loyal customer, a generous ambassador for our line and a style icon.  I would describe her as a cross between Grace Kelly and Ali Mc Graw in Love Story.  You are as likely to see her at Tiffany's as you would Calypso on Hudson Street.  Most days though she is doing the yeoman's work of the world, teaching kids about literature, and life and helping to know themselves in an increasingly confusing world - a saint in training. 

Faceted Topaz in Rose Gold

Sterling Estate Coff

Talisman Necklace

Classic Pearls with Monogram Amulet

A Custom Ilsa Loves Rick Upper Arm Cuff in Gold

Vintage Estate Bangle in 14 K

Diamonds and Gold Delicate and Bold at Once

Estate Solitaire

Estate Emerald

Tiffany's Charm Bracelet

Tiffany's Pave Diamond Bangles in White and Yellow Gold