Jewel Box Tour: Gaby's Vintage and Artisan Ring Collection

For years now I have been building collections of all different things.  It started with antique mechanical toys and ephemera, and grew to include everything from tin noise-makers to Steve Kennedy oil paintings, Joseph Maida photographs, daguerreotypes, coats, Frye boots, Tila March tote bags, The City Tote by Foley and Corinna, Sissi Rossi Tinto en Capo Washed Buffalo bags, Nicole Lively Wedge Platforms, Birkenstock Gizeh, and rings.  Now, there are rings and there are rings.  I like them large, unusual, and in gold.  Usually wearing one big ring next to my wafer thin wedding band on my left hand and an assemblage of Ilsa Loves Rick bands on my right.