The Creatives: An Interview With Kate Connor

Kate Connor, Editor of The Local Palate magazine, a Charleston culinary magazine illustrating the food culture of the south.  In this picture, Kate is waiting for Mayor Riley to come out and eat boiled peanuts, a big treat in the south.  Its even a bigger treat for us to be able to feature her in an installment of the Creative's.  Kate is smart, sassy, and stylish, just the way we like 'em here at Ilsa Loves Rick.

Gaby:  What do you see trending now in fashion?

Kate:  I don’t know if it’s because we’re in a college town or not but I see a lot of cowboy boots, leggings, and vintage items out and about.  A lot of mix-matching of patterns too.

Gaby: What are your top 10 TIMELESS must have items for a best dressed closet?

 Kate:  Ten items!  That’s a lot for me.  I’m all about simple so things that go well together work best for me.  Anything black so that it goes with everything.  A great pair of jeans, a classic cocktail dress, a casual feel great dress, collared shirt, scarf or wrap sweater, great bathing suit, sunglasses, pair of heels, boots, and of course, flip-flops.  I sound so boring and practical!

Gaby:  When was the last time you had a fashion epiphany?

Kate: When I first traveled abroad and realized how few clothes I needed as long as I had the right things.  I’m always spilling things on myself too so dark clothes are best for me.

Gaby:  What is your favorite High brand?  And your low brand?  How do you mix high and low?

Kate:  Favorite high brand is Nicole Miller and low brand is J. Crew/B.R.  Most of my clothes are on the low-end side so I don’t have to worry about mixing!

Gaby:  What is your go-to uniform for a day of work?  The weekend? 

Kate:  Uniform for the office is always pants, flat shoes, and a button down shirt – something comfortable.  And always a sweater or cardigan as I get cold easily.  On the weekends, when I get out of my pajamas, it’s usually to wear work-out clothes or jeans and a tee-shirt.  In Charleston, we’re often on the boat on the weekend, so in the summer I’m living in my swimsuit.

Gaby:  What is your favorite ILR piece and why?

Kate: I love the interlocked rings as it’s simple, elegant, and makes a poetic statement about two becoming one; the symbol of love as a reminder on your finger.

Gaby:  Who are your fashion icons?

Kate:  Anyone who does their own unique thing such as Ellen DeGeneres or Lady Gaga – they’re afraid to let fashion make, or not make a statement.