Ilsa Loves Rick AND We Love Gold (Filled)

At Ilsa Loves Rick we love, love, love 14k Gold-filled!
Gold Filled is extraordinary because the high quality gold-filled looks and behaves like 14k solid gold and is a fraction of the cost. Gaby and I use the finest Gold filled and it’s weight and lushness make you feel as though you are wearing something special because frankly, you are!
Never confuse Gold Filled jewelry with gold-plated. The gold layer on gold- plated jewelry varies greatly depending on manufacturer, so there is no single, simple comparison. The Gold-filled jewelry that we hand build for you is simply not comparable because the layer of gold is literally thousands of times thicker than gold-plated jewelry.
We are always thrilled to prepare a custom piece in 14k or 18k solid gold upon request, but we can send you any of our designs tomorrow in Gold-filled and you can be enjoying them on your body in just a few days! 
Whatever you decide on, be it a custom 14k or 18k treasure, a sterling silver piece or our lush Gold filled jewelry, we want you to enjoy wearing the pieces much as we do and we hope that they become the personal talisman to you that they are to us!